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  • Alrun

    Alrun Nordic Jewelry is an Icelandic brand from Reykjavik. This Scandinavian designers create an unique and authentic viking jewelry. Their viking pendants with Nordic Runes made of sterling silver. The viking men's bracelets with runes and viking charm bracelet made of stainless steel.

  • Brødrene Flaarønning

    One of the oldest Souvenirs and Gifts producers in Norway

  • byNorwegians

    byNorwegians is a concept dedicated to offering Norwegian heritage products, that can be used either in nature, mountain cabins or outdoor tours.

    These products are also great gifts to your beloved ones.

  • House of Yarn

  • Marius

    Marius is a good known Norwegian brand. This Marius brand brings together different companies which produces souvenirs and gifts with traditional Norwegian Marius pattern. You can buy Marius thermos, cups, notebooks with Marius pattern and other products in our online shop Norway Gift or in our souvenir stores in Oslo, Norway.

  • Ny Form Troll

    Original Ny Form Troll is a Norwegian company which creates unique and high-quality trolls figures and statue since 1964. Ny Form Trolls made of natural materials. Therefore, this trolls figures and trolls statue are unbreakable. The Scandinavian trolls are handmade. Collectors from all over the world looking forward for new Ny Form Trolls collection.

  • Scandinavian Explorer

    The Scandinavian Explorer product line is designed in Saltnes, Norway.

    The label is all about the journey, inspired by nature, the Norwegian spirit of exploration and wanderlust

  • Tinn-Per

    Tinn-Per is a Norwegian pewter foundry located in Hønefoss, Norway. The viking jewelry and other Norwegian gifts from Tinn-Per hand made of the best quality pewter (93% tin - 7% antimony). This Norwegian designer inspired by Norwegian heritage, Nordic mythology and Scandinavian culture. Tinn-Per creates their Norwegian gifts and souvenirs since 1965.

  • Way Nor

    Official Way Nor shop online. Here you can find a wide selection of Norwegian gifts and souvenirs from Norway with world wide express delivery, including UK, US, Australia and Canada. There are Norwegian t-shirts in black and white for women and men, coffee mugs and travel mugs with Norway Flag, Norwegian caps and hats. Cheese slicers, troll figures, viking ships and souvenirs with Northern light can be good gifts from Norway.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items