Exchange and Return Process


Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for shopping at!

However, if you read this instruction it means that your merchandise didn't fit and you wish to exchange or return it. In either case, we are sorry about that and hope you will find this process easy and smooth.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!


The Exchange&Return process consists of two stages:

1. Request for a Return Slip;

2. Printing out and shipping;


Request for a Return Slip


In order to process Exhange&Return you need to have a customer's account.

Please login by clicking on "Sign In" at the very top of our web-shop:

If you have placed your order using a "guest checkout" - please follow this link and convert your registration to "Account" by entering the relevant information.

N.B. Creating a new account avoiding this step will duplicate your registration and you will not see your previous order.

If you have forgotten your password - just click on "Forgot your password"


As soon as you logged in please navigate to your order history and details:

(1) Hit the "+" next to the order number of reference and (2) click on "Details".


You will be redirected to another page. Scroll down and you will see your ordered items. (1) Check the one you wish to exchange, (2) provide comments and (3) click on "Ask for Return Slip".


We will review your request within 24 hours. Should you have any issues please contact us using our contact form.

If the web-shop doesn't provide any of the options described above it means that your Exchange&Return period has expired.


After your return request is confirmed please print your slip and ship your merchandise to us. See Stage 2.