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  • Magnets

    Buy online high-quality magnets to remember your memories from Norway. These magnets will surely keep your memories of Oslo, Northern lights, trolls and Munch’s artwork alive for many years to come.


    These magnets come in practical sizes to be used on fridge or on any magnetic surfaces to remind your stay in Norway.

  • Stationery

    Souvenir stationery is the most popular Norwegian gift for colleagues, students and school children.

    Here you can buy online high quality pen set with Oslo map, Moose plush pencil case for kids, Reindeer money boxes and other kinds of stationary as a practical Norwegian gift for kids and adults.

    Also, you can buy Marius notebooks with global express shipping.

  • Figures

    Troll's figures are always presented in the lists of top 10 souvenirs from Norway. Trolls are very popular Norwegian symbol from the Scandinavian folklore and North mythology. In our gift shop you can find online a wide selection of Norwegian trolls. There are also a lot viking ships and viking's figures.

  • Hoodies

    Hoodies are so popular among all ages for their extra comfort and warmth. Here are unisex hoodies in different colors for colleague students or for adults’ casual outfit. Kid’s hoodies can also make a cute gift from Norway for your little ones.

    Also, you can find hoodies with zipper worn like a jacket for days that are hard to predict the weather!

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Showing 1 - 24 of 101 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 101 items