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  • Necklaces & Pendants

    Here are the popular Viking necklaces and pendants inspired by the most meaningful Norwegian and Scandinavian symbols. The Viking necklaces and pendants are available for men and women decorated with Viking ships, Celtic rose and Tor’s hammer to protect your loved ones while keeping them stylish.

  • Bracelets

    Here you can buy online authentic Nordic jewelry from Scandinavian designers. There is a wide selection of leather and silver bracelets for men and women made in different materials such as leather men's bracelets decorated with reindeer, silver women's charm bracelets showing Viking runic symbols, pewter bracelet with runes inspired by North mythology and a lot of other Viking bracelets.

  • Ring

    Here you can find authentic Viking rings from Norwegian jewelry designers. These rings are uniquely decorated with authentic Viking and runic symbols.

    They can match with similar design bracelets and necklaces.

  • Earrings

    Here you can find Norwegian earrings from the Scandinavian jewelry designers. There is a good selection of viking earrings with medieval ornaments and Viking runic symbols.

  • Brooch

    Here you can find authentic brooches from the Scandinavian designers to match your traditional outfit from Norway. These brooches make a great gift to both men and women who are interested in Norse mythology and symbols. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 27 items